Project #1
32 famos reproductions of artworks
by Kirill Chelushkin
Chelushkin Handcraft Books
Legend of the Russian illustration
Kirill Chelushkin
Kirill Chelushkin was born in Russia in 1968, and studied art and architecture in Moscow. He is famous as both a unique, award-winning illustrator and a practicing, widely exhibited modern artist in the areas of visual art and expressionist installations in combined technique (polystyrene sculptures with video footage projected on them).

The artists's bio lists over three dozen solo exhibitions and major international projects. His works grace the museums and private collections in Russia, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Hungary, the United States and Bahrain.

Kirill Chelushkin's work is exhibited by:
Galerie Rabouan Moussion (Paris)
Marina Gisich Gallery (St. Petersburg)
NK GALLERY (Antwerp)
Art & Space Gallery (Munich)

Books, illustrated by the artist, are held by the highly selective
Munich library,
Library of the Tretyakov Gallery,
Itabashi Art Muzeum (Japan)
Project #1
Limited Edition!
(folder with 32 reproductions of artworks by Kirill Chelushkin)
32 famous works in one folder
Folder one contains illustrations to:
"Alice and the Talking Mountain"
"Alice in the Magician's House"
"Alice and City Wolf"
"Alice Is Looking for the Bird"
"The Magic Shop"

Size: 15,7 x 11,8 in

32 artworks
Thick, coated paper
Limited edition of 1000
Illustrations from 1994 - 1999
Christmas collection of 32 prints of Kirill Chelushkin.
32 works for collectors and art lovers.
The legend of Russian illustration Kirill entered the top 20 best artists of Russia according to Forbes.
This is a gift that can become yours personal talisman and an investment, since the artist's projects are gaining more and more value every year.
price: $ 900
Delivery in Moscow
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